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Journal Articles

Accounting and Finance


Cormier, D., Lapointe-Antunes, P., McConomy, B. (2014). Forecasts in IPO Prospectuses: The Effect of Corporate Governance on Earnings Management. Journal of Business Finance & Accounting, 41, 1 & 2, pp. 100-127.

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International Business


Shobeiri, S., Mazaheri, E., & Laroche, M. (2018). Creating the Right Customer Experience Online: The Influence of Culture. Journal of Marketing Communications, 24(3), 270-290.

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Marketing and Sales


Mahmood, A., Luffarelli, J., & Mukesh, M. (2019). What's in a logo? The impact of complex visual cues in equity crowdfundingJournal of Business Venturing, 34 (1), 41-62.

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Shobeiri, S., Mazaheri, E., & Laroche, M. (2015). How Would the E-Retailer’s Website Personality Impact Customers’ Attitudes Toward the Site? Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice, 23(4), 388-401.

Organizational Behaviour and Human Resource Managementabstract

Bart, C., Bontis, N., & Taggar, S. (2001). A model of the impact of mission statements on firm performance. Management Decision, 39, 19-36.

Product and Innovation Management

Kim, P. H., Kotha, R., Fourné, S. P. L., & Coussement, K. (2019). Taking leaps of faith: Evaluation criteria and resource commitments for early-stage inventions. Research Policy, 48(6), 1429-1444.


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Gill, T. (2008). Convergent Products: What Functionalities Add More Value to the Base? Journal of Marketing, 72, pp 46-62.

abstractProject Management

Maier, Esther R., Branzei, Oana. (2014). On Time and On Budget: Harnessing Creativity in Large Scale Projects. International Journal of Project Management, Vol. 32, Issue 7, pp. 1123-1133.



Carayannopoulos, S. & Auster, E. (2010). External Knowledge Sourcing in Biotechnology Through Acquisition Versus Alliance: a KBV Approach. Research Policy, 39, 2 pp. 254-267.

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