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Funded Research

Lazaridis Institute Funded Research

The following is a list of research projects supported by seed grants from the Lazaridis Institute.


Leslie Berger, Lan Guo, Michael Wynes, Zhuoyi Zhao
My badge, my honor: How gamification enhances employees’ resilience ($9,405)

Claudia Iglesias, Grant Packard (York University)
Communication modality in human-machine interactions ($5,620)

Steve Risavy, Chet Robie, Peter Fisher
Selection tool use in growth-oriented technology companies ($10,000)

Mehdi Jourabchi
Economic and environmental benefits of digital platforms connecting the trucking sector’s shippers and carriers ($6,750)

Tina Arabian
Servicizing business models: Addressing the economic and environmental risks ($3,295)

Sebastian Fourné, Sepideh Yeganegi
A dynamic perspective on high-tech ventures’ slack resource accumulation, usage and innovation in challenging institutional contexts ($10,000)


Ling Chu, Robert Mathieu, Chima Mbagwu
Non-GAAP disclosure in Canadian high tech companies ($5,700)

Ivona Hideg, Shira Mor (Ono Academic College, Israel), Frederic Godart (INSEAD), Yuval Engel (University of Amsterdam)
Tackling the gender gap in entrepreneurship: The role of benevolent sexist attitudes in under-funding of female-led ventures ($7,988)

Ammara Mahmood, Nir Vulkan (Oxford)
Impact of equity crowdfunding on product innovation and adoption ($9,705)

Bill Morrison, Bradley Ruffle
Do pre-filled online forms encourage more accurate reporting? ($10,000)

Hamid Noori
IoT-enabled business models in product-service systems ($5,000)

Simon Taggar, Anne Domurath
Developing scalable businesses: A study of a high-technology accelerator's outcomes ($9,814)


Ling Chu, Robert Mathieu, Chima Mbagwu, Ping Zhang (University of Toronto)
Non-GAAP disclosure in Canadian high tech companies ($10,000)

Hae Joo Kim
Hiding behind the screen: Screen size, guilt and impulsivity ($5,216)

Zhenfeng Ma
Product capability versus usability: Insights from a two-sided perspective of designers and users ($8,581)

Oliver Masakure, Patricia McLaren, Josephine McMurray
Building high growth firms in Canada: Profiles in courage ($8,702)

Rosemary McGowan, Eddy Ng (Dalhousie University)
Women in leadership pipelines in tech-intensive industries: Discourses of senior leaders, middle-level managers and MBA students ($8,367)

Hamid Noori, Constantin Blome (University of Sussex)
Building transient collaborative networks to help start-ups grow ($8,558)

Grant Packard
Conversation dynamics: The impact of when and how technology-mediated agents speak to customers ($8,346)

Brian Smith
'Smart' money: The role of networks and institutions in funding early stage growth ($9,990)

Simon Taggar, Anne Domurath
Shared leadership in high technology growth firms ($9,907)

Externally Funded Research

Numerous faculty members are engaged in research pertinent to the Lazaridis Institute. The following is a list of their research programmes funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC).

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Hae Joo Kim
Do smaller screens lessen guilt? A study on screen size, guilt, and consumer indulgence ($55,718)

Jin Wang, Hongping Tan, Li Yao
Corporate innovation and the information production by financial analysts ($94,126)

Sepideh Yeganegi, André Laplume
Parent firm disposition, hostility toward spinouts, and parent performance ($40,291)


Grant Packard, Jonah Berger
(Technology mediated) conversation dynamics ($61,089)

Fang Wang, Bixia Xu
Where should firms invest? The structure and strategy of firm resource allocation and budgeting ($53,572)

Nicole Coviello, Anne Domurath, Sarah Wilner
What lies beneath: How marketing capabilities and their micro-foundations shape innovation success ($135,205)

Tripat Gill, Zhenfeng Ma, Ping Zhao
The role of emotions in innovation adoption: Theoretical model and marketing applications ($164,618)

Zhenfeng Ma, Chatura Ranaweera, Kristof Coussement
Investigating the impact of online word of mouth on innovation diffusion: A multidimensional approach to capturing consumer online sentiment ($228,936)

Fabricio Perez, Andriy Shkilko
Price discovery and market fragmentation ($129,800)

Josephine McMurray, Heidi Sveistrup, Judith Sixsmith, Katherine Kuschel, Kerstin Ettl, Vesna Mandakovic
From exception to rule: The role of regional innovation ecosystems in the development of women entrepreneurs ($24,917)


Josephine McMurray, Jim Wallace, Chatura Ranaweera, Richard Booth
Mobile smart surveys: Does context matter when we share experience data with researchers? ($62,939)

Sarah Wilner
Speaking from experience: Investigating new means of evaluating experiential marketing campaigns ($60,870)

2018 Lazaridis Report

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