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PhD Research

Moving knowledge forward

Located in the Lazaridis School of Business and Economics, the Lazaridis PhD in Management program develops advanced researchers with both theoretical and practical understanding of the complex problems of business management. We offer five distinct fields:

Students in any management discipline have the opportunity to conduct their research in the context of technology enterprises.

Examples of current or recent dissertation areas include:

  • Yonglian (Ken) Chen
    • Dynamic capabilities, network capability, innovation capability, new product development, learning, performance.
  • Peter Fisher
    • Personality, selection, assessment, diversity, cognitive ability, e-HRM
  • Claudia Iglesias
    • Technology-mediated consumer behaviour, artificial intelligence, social perceptions, self-awareness
  • Jon Kerr
    • Effectuation logic, network development processes, network structure and interactions.
  • Hamed Mehrabi
    • Marketing capabilities, ambidexterity, entrepreneurial orientation, institutional influences, top management teams, performance.
  • Moussa Obeid
    • Internationalization pace, time to internationalization, institutional pressures, absorptive capacity, performance.