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Lazaridis Reports



Going international? Enter with your top talent from home (PDF)

International expansion provides a vital revenue path for many companies. But to maximize your success, who is the best person to launch your business into a new market?


Is a High-Growth Firm the Same As a 'Scale-Up'? (PDF)

Asks 'What separates a tech firm that is scaling from one that is (just) growing'? With research from the Lazaridis Institute, we highlight what it means for a firm to have 'scalability' and we offer some thoughts on measuring high growth for tech firms.


Grow Global: Performance Drivers of Canadian Technology Firms (PDF)

Summarizes the fundamental business practices leading to growth in Canadian tech firms. Because the future of Canada's tech community is international – as evidenced in the vital role international sales growth plays in overall performance- we also assess the international activities of high growth firms.


Do the Right Things: More Secrets from Successful Canadian Technology Companies (PDF)

Considers which business practices influence sales growth. We compare results by age and firm type, and provide a 'sweet-spot' assessment that combines the two categories.


Business (Practice) Makes Perfect: How Successful Technology Companies in Ontario Grow is a pilot study focused on tech firms in Ontario. It reveals how core business practices differ for younger and older firms that enjoy high revenue growth.

To access the 2016 report, please contact the Lazaridis Institute’s Research Director.

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