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EMTM Projects

Executive Master's in Technology Management

The Lazaridis EMTM program addresses the overlapping disciplines of business and technology. Designed for senior decision-makers facing ever-growing complexity, global competition and disruption, the EMTM addresses a gap in executive management education in Canada–the development of leaders specific to innovative enterprises.

This MSc programme is offered in Waterloo over 11 months in an alternative weekend format. In the EMTM, participants learn about design thinking, business transformation, technology road-mapping, market awareness, global economy issues, financing decisions, intellectual property, the learning organization, leverage networks, and performance bench-marking.

As an MSc, degree requirements also include completion of a Major Research Project (MRP). Examples of the 2018 projects include:

  • How do Organizations Adjust their HR Policies, Practices and Culture in Preparation for Unexpected Disruption
  • Innovation is the New Black: Innovation and the Rhetoric of Corporate Annual Reports
  • Coexistence of AI and Care Providers to Delivering Better Quality of Life for Seniors