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Entrepreneurs’ Perceived Exit Performance: Conceptualization and Scale Development

Strese, S, Gebhard, P, Feierabend, D and M Brettel (2018). Entrepreneurs’ Perceived Exit Performance: Conceptualization and Scale Development, Journal of Business Venturing, 33(3), 351-370.

Recently, research on entrepreneurs who exit their firms has intensified. Scholars agree that the outcome of such entrepreneurial exits needs to be assessed based on the individual entrepreneur’s perception and on multiple dimensions. Yet, to date we lack theory and measures that capture this outcome, which we define as entrepreneurs’ perceived exit performance (PEP). This study introduces a theoretical framework for the PEP construct and develops a scale to measure it along four dimensions: personal financial benefits, personal reputation, employee benefits, and firm mission persistence. We discuss the wide applicability of the scale and a variety of research opportunities. 

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