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How to Manage Crowdsourcing Platforms Effectively?

Blohm, I, Zogaj, S, Bretschneider, U and JM Leimeister (2018). How to Manage Crowdsourcing Platforms Effectively? California Management Review, 60(2): 122-149.

To profit from crowdsourcing, organizations can engage in four different approaches: microtasking, information pooling, broadcast search, and open collaboration. This article presents 21 governance mechanisms that can help organizations manage their crowdsourcing platforms. It investigates the effectiveness of these governance mechanisms in 19 case studies and recommends specific configurations of these mechanisms for each of the four crowdsourcing approaches. Also, it offers guidance to organizations that host a crowdsourcing platform by providing recommendations for implementing governance mechanisms into their platforms and building up governance capabilities for crowdsourcing.

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