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What do we [Not] know about Technology Entrepreneurship Research?

Ferreira, J JM, Ferreira, F AF, Fernandes, C IMAS, Jalai, MS, Raposo, ML and CS Marques (2016). What do we [Not] know about Technology Entrepreneurship Research? International Entrepreneurship Management Journal, 12, 713-733.

This study aims to review what we do (and do not) know about technology entrepreneurship (TE) research to date. Based on a categorized bibliometric analysis resulting from a systematic review of 135 scientific articles published in refereed journals over the past 27 years (1986–2013), we identify the core domains of TE, its intellectual structure, the scientific journals with a major impact in this field of research, and the affiliation and collaboration networks within it. Specifically, through a detailed analysis of article co-citations within the TE area, this study provides co-citation networks of authors, journals, and their respective clusters, revealing their rankings in terms of contributions to the TE literature. This comprehensive analysis can be used to enhance our understanding of TE and support further research in this field.

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