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Women Founders Cohort

This cohort of the ScaleUp Program focuses on the constraints confronting growth-stage tech companies founded or cofounded by a female entrepreneur. The program retains its emphasis on customization and execution, bringing seasoned executives to the cohort for intensive weekend workshops around functional challenges. The program also curate and brokers short term specialist assignments of senior executives who work with the companies virtually over the period of one year.

We currently do not charge to participate in the program or take equity. We aim to provide women founders and co-founders with the knowledge and support they need to scale their companies, achieve their potential and, ultimately, change the gender balance in the Canadian tech ecosystem. The Lazaridis ScaleUp Program’s Women Founders Cohort will constitute 10 of the most promising technology companies in Canada, brought together as an elite cohort that we call the Lazaridis10.

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Lazaridis ScaleUp Program

Canada’s most promising women-led technology companies will participate in the fourth cohort of the ScaleUp Program.

 As part of the Lazaridis10, you will:

  • Tap into experienced knowledge via long-term, personalized mentorship with experts who have scaled companies internationally.
  • Attend dynamic weekend modules once per month facilitated by global business leaders 
  • Develop national and international networks of peers, mentors and specialists who can help open up market opportunities for your company.
  • Prepare for your next round of financing.

What We're Looking For

Participants in the Lazaridis ScaleUp Program Women Founders Cohort technology companies have:

  • A female founder, co-founder or CEO.
  • Headquarters in Canada.
  • Realized a product-market fit.
  • Received market validation in the form of customer traction.
  • Recognized a minimum $1 million revenue in the past year.

The CEO of the company must be committed to participating in all of the program weekends, and to bringing a minimum of one, maximum three, additional members of their executive team to every weekend. Participating executive team members can be male or female.

Why We're Doing This

In 2017 #MovetheDial released a report illustrating the scale of the gender imbalance in the Canadian tech ecosystem. In our first three years, our scaleup companies reflected this same imbalance: only one or two women founders or co-founders in each cohort of 10 companies; fewer than 20% of the executive teams overall were women. We want to learn more about the challenges these women face, we want to further their successes, and we look forward to helping them celebrate their triumphs. Our goal is to support gender equality in the tech ecosystem, across Canada, in the Valley, and globally.

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