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Program Design

We have designed the Lazaridis ScaleUp Program around your most valuable resources: time, talent and money.

This means no residency requirement. Programming takes place over twelve days, spread out over six months, in a different city each month.

Content is customized to your needs. So – no case studies, no set curriculum, no one-size-fits-all templates. Instead, programming is built around workshops in which you and your team hammer through – with the guidance of senior tech execs – your immediate challenges.

Up to four key members of the exec team attend program weekends together, reducing time spent on knowledge transfer, building talent across your team, and increasing the speed at which you execute.

Programming is facilitated by functional and sector experts, men and women who have actually grown tech businesses to global size. Each weekend, we help you to analyze, prioritize, plan, implement and measure the changes you need to make to scale your company.

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Peer networking and mentorship are key features of the ScaleUp Program. You will have the opportunity to interact with and learn from both global mentors and other leaders from the Canadian tech startup industry.

Weekend Modules

1. Leadership: What are your leadership strengths? What are the strengths of your leadership team? How must your organizational design evolve as your company grows? Will your culture scale?

2. People: How can you recruit, hire, develop and keep the people you need? Who stays? Who leaves?

3. Product: Can you successfully scale product development? Should you re-assess your product roadmap? Who is responsible for the customer experience? How will you maintain your innovation advantage?

4. Finance and Metrics: What financing do you need and where will it come from? Are you using the right metrics? Which efficiencies matter most? Who are the best investors for you? Are you managing the right risks?

5. Sales and Marketing: How are you scaling your sales organization? How can you attract the right salespeople? How do you build a global brand? How do you know if you’re positioning yourself for tomorrow’s customers?

6. Global Growth: Are you ready for global operations? What’s your strategy for global growth? Do you have the information and the skills you need to assess international markets? How will you finance growth?

Weekend programming takes place in different cities across North America. Past locations include Toronto, Palo Alto, Vancouver, New York City, San Francisco, Montreal, Ottawa and Waterloo.

Program weekends begin with a Thursday evening networking reception. Network with our global experts, and let us introduce you to the local ecosystem. Friday and Saturday, you and your team work through the challenges you’re facing in real time, with one-on-one guidance from the weekend’s slate of experts.

Cost? Your time and travel – the Lazaridis Institute covers the rest.

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