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Marketing faculty at the Lazaridis School reveal new insights for online marketing

Ammara Mahmood (Lazaridis School)) and Catarina Sismeiro (Imperial College London) explore the role of online engagement, homophily and social influence in explaining traffic and news consumption by social network users at an external news website. They combine Facebook data from a panel of 1,562 Facebook users. These users are registered with a major news website with browsing activity at the third-party news site. This approach allowed the authors to jointly model website visitation (traffic) and the number of pages viewed over time (engagement) at the news website.

This article has just been published in the Journal of Interactive Marketing. More details can be found here.

Grant Packard (Lazaridis School) and Jonah Berger (Wharton) ask: 1) are there meaningful linguistic variations in how consumers endorse products to one another; 2) whether category knowledge moderates the endorsement language consumers use; and 3) whether these language variations affect the persuasive impact of word of mouth. They report the results of a field data analysis of over 1,000 online reviews and four experiments to answer these questions.

This article has just been published in the Journal of Marketing Research. More details can be found here.

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