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Mark Freel

Lazaridis Institute Welcomes Visiting Chair: Mark Freel

The Lazaridis Institute is happy to welcome Mark Freel as the latest Lazaridis Visiting Chair. Mark is the RBC Financial Group Professor in the Commercialization of Innovation at the Telfer School of Management in Ottawa. He is also Vice Dean (Career Development) at Telfer.

Mark is a recognized researcher in the areas of innovation and entrepreneurship and has undertaken different projects on behalf of European regional, national and supra-national government bodies. Additionally, he has been awarded several grants from charities and research councils to study different aspects of entrepreneurship, innovation policy and strategy in the context of specific communities in Britain. His research is concerned with innovation policy and practice in relation to small and medium sized firms, and with the role of universities in innovation systems. Mark has co-authored a textbook on entrepreneurship and small firms (McGraw-Hill), and publishes his work in journals such as Research Policy, Technovation, International Small Business Journal, and Small Business Economics.

While visiting the Lazaridis Institute, Mark will be meeting faculty and graduate students, and giving two research seminars. His first seminar is Friday, Nov. 9 from 1 to 3 p.m. in room LH 4114, Lazaridis Hall. Mark will be discussing “The Consequences of Growth” in light of recent evidence that most growth firms are likely to be “one hit wonders.” This is a work-in-progress seminar and Mark will workshop discussion around the importance of a better understanding of the fate of high-growth firms. He will ask: What happens to them after they grow and why do so few grow again?

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