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Johan Wiklund

ADHD and Entrepreneurship Seminar with Johan Wiklund

If you are interested in meeting one of the academic world’s leading scholars in entrepreneurship, please join us for a research seminar with Johan Wiklund.

Topic: When ADHD Helps and Harms Entrepreneurship: An Epidemiological Approach
Where: Pollock Family Boardroom, 4th floor Lazaridis Hall
When: Friday, March 22, 9–11 a.m. (please RSVP to

Abstract: Mental health and wellbeing are increasingly popular topics in entrepreneurship and management research, including studies of specific mental disorders. This paper explores how an ADHD diagnosis influences entry into entrepreneurship as well as entrepreneurial performance.

We build a conceptual framework based on the ‘underdog entrepreneurship’ approach, and test our hypotheses with a unique dataset covering all entrepreneurs in Denmark over more than a decade of time. The dataset contains individual level information about medical diagnoses, prescribed medications, earnings, marital status, education and more, as well as firm level information.

Running panel regressions, we find that an ADHD diagnosis has a negative influence on most aspects of entrepreneurship. Importantly, however, if those with ADHD accomplish important landmarks in their private lives (education, stable relationships) they outperform those who do not have the condition! These novel findings have important implications for those with ADHD, health professionals and scholars alike.

Johan Wiklund (Syracuse University); Lars Alkaersig (Technical University of Denmark); Carina Lomberg (Technical University of Denmark); Danny Miller (HEC Montreal)

Anyone with an interest in this topic is welcome. Please RSVP to so we can plan refreshments.


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