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Tomas Hult

Tomas Hult to visit Lazaridis Institute

The Lazaridis Institute is very pleased host Tomas Hult this December.

Among his many outstanding accomplishments, Tomas holds the Byington Endowed Chair at Michigan State University, and is Professor of Marketing. He is Director of the renowned MSU-CIBER (International Business Center) and Executive Director of the Academy of International Business.

Born in Sweden, Tomas has made the US his home for many years. He has profoundly impacted research and practice across in three disciplines: marketing, international business, and supply chain management.

Tomas is external examiner for Greg Tanguay, PhD candidate in Marketing.

He will hold a general seminar on "Customer Satisfaction and Business Performance" on Friday, 15 December at 2 pm in the Pollock Family Boardroom (LH4114; aka Dean's Boardroom).

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