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Oculys Health at the Interface Health Challenge: from left, Wilson Parasiuk, Chair, and Franck Hivert, CEO

Oculys wins third in global healthcare technology challenge

Lazaridis ScaleUp company Oculys Health Informatics recently won 3rd place in a global healthcare technology competition, the Interface Healthcare Challenge 2017.

Franck Hivert, CEO of Oculys, credits the preparation and mentorship he received as part of the Lazaridis ScaleUp Program in helping him with his presentation:

“Once again I’m seeing the value of the pitch training and mentorship we received as part of the Lazaridis ScaleUp Program. I used the presentation developed during the program with help from pitch coach Nathan Gold and our mentor, Gail.  Gail has provided significant advice, input and continuous support throughout this year. With so much preparation, I had the confidence to deliver the 5-minute presentation and it felt good. We were thrilled to place 3rd in this competition out of over 150 companies world-wide.”

Congratulations to the Oculys team!

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