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ScaleUp Program participants

Cohort 5 gathers in Vancouver for third weekend of the Lazaridis ScaleUp Program

It’s all things “product” as Cohort 5 descends upon Vancouver for three days of intensive workshops, presentations, and networking.

With a focus on Product, the weekend agenda features presentations covering topics such as Planning for Great Product Development, Turning Customer Feedback into Great Product Features, Building Great Product Teams, Developing Effective Design Processes, and more.

It also marks the halfway point for the companies participating in Cohort 5 of the Lazaridis ScaleUp Program. Previous program weekends have taken place in Toronto, ON and Palo Alto, CA and focused, respectively, on Leadership and HR/People.

ScaleUp Program weekends provide participating companies with invaluable knowledge and insight from experienced leaders into what it takes for a Canadian tech company to successfully scale into global markets. Expert speakers presenting during the Vancouver weekend include Dave Weiss, President and COO of Hatch; Kim Kaplan, Former VP Product Management, Revenue Optimization and Marketing at; Alex Coriano, Partner and Chief Designer at Diamond MMA; Max Jarvie, Associate at BLG; George Psiharis, COO at Clio; and Co-founders of Jane Software Inc., Alison Taylor and Trevor Johnston.

Cohort 5 is headed to New York City in early March where sessions will focus on the issues surrounding Finance.


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