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Network of Women

Women, networks and entrepreneurship event

On February 16 at 1 p.m. EST, The Lazaridis Institute and the Women Entrepreneurship Centre hosted the 'Women, Networks and Entrepreneurship' online panel discussion event. The event covered topics such as the role women-only networks play in the success of entrepreneurs, best practices for women founders, how to network effectively, and more!

Moderated by Emily Mills, (Founder of How She Hustles) our panelists were:

Meghan Chayka (Founder and CEO of Stathletes)

Nancy Gardiner (President of FedDev Southern Ontario)

Kathryn Minshew (Founder and CEO of The Muse)

Meredith Woodwark (Assistant Professor at Laurier)

The recording is available to Laurier Research members through MyLearningSpace.

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