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Global Advisory Board

Geoff Baum

Entrepreneur-in-Residence, Adobe Systems

Stewart Beck

President and CEO, Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada

Robert Crow

Executive-in-Residence, IQC, Waterloo University

Rich Emrich

CEO, Acuity Insights

Andrew Flett

General Partner, Mobility Impact Partners

Brandon Goldman

VP of Sales, Qualio; former Director of Mid-Market sales, SurveyMonkey

Irene Graham

CEO, ScaleUp Institute

Joanna Harries

Senior Vice President, Endeavor Global

Micheál J. Kelly

Former Dean, Lazaridis School of Business and Economics, Wilfrid Laurier University

Jodi Kovitz

CEO, Ace Tech Ontario and Founder, #MoveTheDial

Audrey Mascarenhas

President and CEO, Questor Technology Inc.; CEO, ClearPower Systems Inc.

Kim Morouney

Former Managing Director, Lazaridis Institute

Loren Padelford

CCO, | Former GM, Revenue at Shopify

Mark Pecen

Chair and COO, ISARA Corp.

Nelson Phillips

Professor of Strategy and Innovation, Imperial College London

Jackie Poriadjian-Asch

Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Revenue Officer, Ecobee; CMO, Canada Goose; SVP, Global Brand Marketing, UFC

Duncan Sinclair

Vice Chair, Deloitte Canada

David B. Watters

President and CEO, Global Advantage Consulting Group Inc.

Yolanda Wardowski

Senior Managing Director, Avalon Net Worth

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