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Commercialization strategy and internationalization outcomes in technology-based new ventures

Symeonidou, N, Bruneel, J and E Autio (2017). Commercialization strategy and internationalization outcomes in technology-based new ventures, Journal of Business Venturing, 32(3): 302-317.

Advances in business process outsourcing and open innovation practices have made the choice of technology commercialization strategy increasingly relevant for technology-based new ventures. The authors investigate the effects of intellectual property (IP)-based, product-based, and hybrid (both product and IP) commercialization strategies on internationalization propensity and intensity in technology-based new ventures.

They find that new ventures adopting a product-based commercialization strategy are less likely to internationalize than those with hybrid or IP-based strategies. In addition, new ventures using IP-based commercialization strategies exhibit higher international intensity after foreign market entry than those with hybrid and product-based strategies. These findings provide novel insights into the dependence on external resources associated with different types of commercialization strategy.

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