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Kristof Coussement

Research Workshop on Text Mining

The Marketing Area at the Lazaridis School is excited to host Kristof Coussement (IÉSEG School of Management, France).

Kristof works with Zhenfeng Ma and Chatura Ranaweera from the Lazaridis School. He is an expert in:

  • Big Data Marketing Analytics
  • Customer Intelligence | Database Marketing | Analytical CRM
  • Social Media & Online Community Intelligence

His research workshop is as follows:

Finding the Golden Nuggets in Textual Customer Information through Text Mining: The Why’s, What’s, How’s, Where’s, and Which’s Untangled

  • The popularity of the big data domain has boosted the interest to collect and store tremendous amounts of unstructured, textual information originating from client/company interactions, social media platforms and (n)ethnography-based research. However, academics and business decision makers are often overwhelmed by the abundance of textual information, and thus the usage of text-mining tools is still at its infancy for the majority among us.
  • This workshop familiarizes its participants in the world of text analytics, and delivers insights into: why you should consider textual customer information? what is text mining? how do we start with a text mining trajectory and how do we choose between the different text mining strategies? where do we find interesting (academic) text mining applications? & which software tools are doing the job for you?
  • At the end of the workshop, the participants should be able to better spot text mining opportunities and its (academic) added value to traditional marketing analytics.

Date: Friday, Sept 22
Time: 10:30am – 12:00pm
Room: LH1009


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