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Shkaker Sahra

Research Seminar from Shaker Zahra – 28 September

If you are interested in meeting one of the academic world’s leading scholars in entrepreneurship, strategy and innovation management, please join us for a research seminar with Shaker Zahra.

Where: Pollock Family Boardroom, 4th floor Lazaridis Hall

When: Friday, 28 September, 1-3 pm (please RSVP to


Striving to achieve survival, new ventures can learn vicariously and benefit from the technological knowledge that in their industries is made public through patents, even without directly transacting with other firms or joining their networks. This industry public technological knowledge (hereafter industry knowledge) varies on its volume and breadth, which would affect new ventures’ learning.

We theorize that the higher the volume and breadth of this knowledge, the higher a venture’s likelihood of survival. Further, we propose that the distribution of prior related industry experience across organizational members and the variety of such prior related experience determine new ventures’ ability to benefit from industry knowledge. Specifically, the concentration and variety of this experience will enhance the positive effects of the volume of industry knowledge on new venture survival. Conversely, concentration and variety are expected to dampen the positive effects of the breadth of industry knowledge on new venture survival.

Most of our theoretical predictions are empirically supported using data from 613 independent Swedish new ventures founded between 2003 and 2006 in medium-high and high-technology industries.

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