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Tom Novak and Donna Hoffman

AMA TechSIG announces 2019 Lazaridis Prize

The American Marketing Association is pleased to announce the 2019 winners of the Lazaridis Prize for the Best Paper on the Practice of Marketing as it relates to Innovation, Technology and Interactivity.

This year’s winners are:

Hoffman, Donna L and Thomas P Novak (2018), "Consumer and Object Experience in the Internet of Things: An Assemblage Theory Approach " Journal of Consumer Research, 44 (6), 1178-1204.

The American Marketing Association's Innovation, Technology and Interactivity Special Interest Group ("TechSIG") and the Lazaridis Institute for Management of Technology Enterprises at Wilfrid Laurier University awards a Prize of $1,500 USD.

Donna is Professor of Marketing, the Louis Rosenfeld Distinguished Scholar and Co-Director of The Center for the Connected Consumer at George Washington University. Tom is Professor of Marketing, the Denit Trust Distinguished Scholar, and Co-Director of The Center for the Connected Consumer, also at GWU.


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