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Christian Schwens
Christian Schwens

Lazaridis Institute Welcomes Christian Schwens as the First Visiting Chair for the Fall Term

The Lazaridis Institute is pleased to welcome Dr. Christian Schwens as the fall term’s first Lazaridis Visiting Chair. Christian is joining the Lazaridis Institute from the University of Cologne where he is Full Professor of Business Administration and Head of the Endowed Chair for Interdisciplinary Management Education. Christian’s research focuses on international business, entrepreneurship, and strategy as it relates to innovation, with a particular interest in manager-level learning and cognition. He is also a Senior Editor at the Journal of World Business.

“I am most excited about meeting colleagues and friends who I have known for quite some time, as well as meeting new colleagues, young researchers, and staff,” remarks Christian. “I am looking forward to hopefully intense discussions about research and beyond. I am also very curious to get to know the culture and research spirit at the Lazaridis Institute.”

On September 20, Christian will present a seminar titled: “Coopetition, Innovation Performance, and the Moderating Role of Interpartner Symmetry” which he hopes will lead to future collaboration and research projects. “It would be fantastic to come back to Germany with concrete plans for joint papers and to have intensified and extended my academic network.”

During his two-week stay, Christian hopes to take in some local hospitability. “I am a big fan of Canada and I am looking forward to being back to this great country and to discover the region. My past travels to Canada have been in the very first week of January, so I am looking forward to seeing the beauty of the country without tons of snow.”

Christian’s appointment as Visiting Chair runs from September 16-27, 2019. During this time, his office is located at LH 2014.

Seminar Details
Date and time: September 20 from 1:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.
Location: Dean’s Boardroom, LH 4114

Abstract: Whether coopetition (i.e. firms‘ simultaneous engagement in cooperation and competition) stimulates or hinders innovation performance has attracted long-lasting attention. Yet, we still have limited knowledge regarding I) how interpartner competition influences firms’ success to generate innovation from an alliance and II) how this relationship varies by relational characteristics. The present paper develops theory arguing that interpartner competition has a U-shaped relationship with firms’ innovation performance, which is flatter when partner firms have a high interpartner technological relatedness and are based in the same geographic region. We validate our theory on a dataset of R&D alliances in the biotechnology industry covering a 15-year period (1996–2010). Our findings advance extant knowledge by reconciling contradictory findings on the relationship between interpartner competition and innovation performance and by highlighting important boundary conditions.

Information on all Lazaridis Institute visitors can be found here.

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