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Dean Shepherd, Marc Gruber, Nicole Coviello, Holger Patzelt

Entrepreneurship Research Day at the Lazaridis Institute

On June 19, the Lazaridis Institute for the Management of Technology Enterprises hosted its inaugural Entrepreneurship Research Day where students, professors and industry experts discussed what's in store for the future of entrepreneurship research. 

"This day is designed to stimulate and support high quality research on the management issues faced by high growth tech firms," says Lazaridis Institute Research Director and event moderator, Nicole Coviello. "Our focus this year is on research in entrepreneurship and managing innovation which is why we're hosting a panel on the world's leading entrepreneurship scholars." 

The panel was a catalyst for attracting a large audience of academic and grad students and was made up of three scholars, Marc Gruber from École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Holger Patzelt from the Technical University of Munich and Dean Shepherd from the University of Notre Dame.

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