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Tulip Retail closes US $40-million Series B round

Tulip Retail announced that they’ve closed a US $40-million Series B investment round led by Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, one of Silicon Valley’s top venture capital firms. This impressive funding round, which will fuel their continued growth, was sparked when Tulip participants were in the Valley with the ScaleUp Program last April. This is Kleiner Perkins’ largest investment in a Canadian technology startup to date.

Mark Steele, EVP Sales at Tulip Retail and a member of our first cohort, credits the ScaleUp Program with preparing them for this initial pitch:

“I think we got critiqued on our pitch the second day in the ScaleUp Program. After five months in the program, we pitched to a panel of prominent VCs in the Valley, who gave us their feedback.  When we got a meeting with Kleiner Perkins later that same week, we were pretty confident, knowing that we had the right content and the right delivery. That initial meeting started us down the path to our US $40-million Series B round, which we’ll use to fuel our continued growth. The ScaleUp Program gave us practical, actionable knowledge that we could apply not just to pitching, but to the problems we were working on week to week.”

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