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Vitaly Pecherskiy
Vitaly Pecherskiy, Co-founder and COO at StackAdapt

Shared vision: How co-founder alignment helps StackAdapt overcome change


In the mercurial world of tech, change is just part of doing business. How a company adapts in response to evolving markets, customers, and competitors is key to its long-term success. For the three founders of StackAdapt, creators of a leading programmatic native advertising platform, the ability to effectively manage change is a result of the shared vision and alignment that exists among the founding team.

“All three of us had tried starting companies [before StackAdapt] but they didn’t really go anywhere,” says COO Vitaly Pecherskiy, who attributes these early failures mostly to the “misalignment of the founders.”

“Since day one of StackAdapt, there was alignment between myself, CEO Ildar Shar, and CTO Yang Han as to what it will take to be successful,” says Vitaly, highlighting certain areas where this synergy is absolutely necessary.

“What was really important was that the three of us had this ‘failure is not an option’ attitude.”
Coupled with the do-or-die attitude was their shared dedication to the business. “We were committed to making it work, no matter what.”

The three founders also have the same appetite for risk. “We all have the similar type of risk tolerance. We have the same level of understanding of what entrepreneurship involves and the risks associated with it.”

This alignment has helped StackAdapt become, in five short years, the top programmatic native advertising platform in the market. Along the way, the company has grown to over 150 people and has picked-up several awards and recognitions, including being chosen as one of LinkedIn’s Top Startups, a Globe and Mail’s 2019 Top Growing Canadian Company, a Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Winner, a Tech Titan 2019 award for Vitaly, and more.

“You never know what the business will look like when you begin a company,” shares Vitaly. “What StackAdapt started as compared to what we do now is so much more complicated and sophisticated. Our understanding of the market and clients has changed so much. We’ve gone through so many stages of evolution. But having that alignment between the founders and having that understanding that the business will change is, for us, more important than the idea.”

StackAdapt participated in Cohort 1 of the Lazaridis ScaleUp Program. Read more insights from Vitaly on his personal website

StackAdapt’s Shared Vision

  1. Failure is not an option
  2. Make it work, no matter what
  3. Understand the risks
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